Upcoming Events

ARPSC Special training

Sunday, January 6, 2019 12:00:00 AM - Tuesday, December 31, 2019 12:00:00 AM

The training calendar has been nearly filled and there are a number of great programs upcoming. (See attached calendar). Anyone is welcome to attend any of the trainings or meetings; you do not have to be an ARPSC member. Two special upcoming trainings: Saturday February 9th’s special session will be getting started and navigating the FLDigi/Winlink communications modes presented by Steve Bellner W8TER, who is the Lucas County Hospital Net and FLDigi NCS. Saturday March 2nd will feature a presentation on Packet/JNOS, the newly installed Ida HamGate and navigating packet connections. Jay Nugent WB8TKL, the chairman of the State Digital Radio Group will be putting this presentation on for us. Both days will start at 9am in the EOC and are planned to wrap up around noon unless there is a lot of good discussion going on. 2019 SKYWARN Training presented by NWS Detroit/White Lake, Monroe EMD and ARPSC, will be Tuesday April 2nd 6:30-8:30pm at the Bedford Library on Jackman Rd in Temperance. It is highly recommended every amateur radio operator take this class at least every 2 years and ARPSC members must take the class every two years to maintain their certification status. Congratulations to Rodney Haddix KD8ZNZ who was selected to fill the 3rd AEC slot for Monroe County! Rodney takes over from Dave Buchko AC8SI, who is stepping down as AEC to devote more time to his family. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to David for all his years serving as AEC and EC, Dave was instrumental in bringing in many new members to the ARPSC program. REMINDER: If there is bad winter weather the night of an ARPSC meeting and the meeting is cancelled, the MCANS notification system and announcements at the top of the hour on ’72 Monroe will be utilized to get the information out. The next monthly meeting of the MCARPSC is Thursday February 7th 730pm at the EMD Training room. Hope everyone’s 2019 is starting out great! Lance Charter KE8BYC Emergency Coordinator Monroe County Amateur Radio Public Service Corp

ARPSC Training Schedule for 2019

Sunday, January 6, 2019 12:00:00 AM - Tuesday, December 31, 2019 12:00:00 AM

MCARPSC Training Outline-Meetings and Supplemental Sessions Monthly Meeting 1st Thursday 7:30pm EMD Training Room Saturday Sessions 9am-12pm Training Room or EOC February Meeting 2/7: National Traffic Service Goal: Refresher and additional training on NTS routing and Radiograms February Special Session 2/9: W8TER-FLDigi/Winlink March Meeting 3/7: Digital Traffic Handling Goal: Overview of FLDigi, WinLink, Outpost March Session 3/2: Packet/JNOS Jay Nugent WB8TKL (EOC) April Meeting 4/4: SKYWARN Procedures Goal: To add to the training during the NWS training on the 2nd and to go over county procedures for SKYWARN May Meeting 5/2: Fox Hunts/ARDF Goal: Exploring fox hunting tips and tactics May Session 5/11: Fox Hunt Antennas/Hands-on June Meeting 6/6: EMCOM/AUXCOM Goal: Review of why we exist and who we serve July Meeting 7/4: No Meeting August: No Meeting September Meeting 9/5: Advanced NTS/Messaging Goal: In depth training on NTS procedures and Message passing/Logging; ICS-213 September Session 9/7: Expanding on Advanced topics and hands on passing via voice/data October Meeting 10/3: SET Goal: review of local State SET plans October Exercise 10/12: State SET November Meeting 11/7: Go Kits/portable Antennas; Roll up JPole, Simple Ground Plane, Aluminum J-Pole Goal: Discuss recommendations for Go Kits and Simple portable Antennas November Session 11/2: Antenna Build; December Meeting 12/5: Planning Goal: